Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Photo Shoot

This past Monday I had a photo shoot with three amazing women.  My photographer, Yadira Garrido, the owner and creative mind of Pasiune Photography, was incredible.  Yadira and I met at Shecky's in DC.  I felt connected to her from the moment I met her.  She loved my things and she has a great spirit.  She took some pictures of my things and later sent them to me.  I loved the pictures so much I told her she should do a lookbook for me and before I knew it, we were setting up a date for a photo shoot.  This was her first commercial shoot, but she's a natural.  She has an amazing eye for fashion.  I just LOVE her.

And my two models, oh WOW! 

Jackie Lewis, friend of Yadira, is beautiful, tall, and slender.  She's a model without even trying.  This also was her first time in a shoot like this and I called her "a fraud" the whole time.  She had a perfect pose every time the camera snapped.  And she's a great person. 

Then there's Rhapsody Hahn.  Rhapsody and I were connected through a mutual friend, and I'm so glad.  She's a fashion designer herself and was more than willing to help out a fellow designer.  She has eyes that lights up a room.  Small young lady with a big presence. And she's a "ham".  Loves the camera.  I couldn't ask for more.

The shoot took place in Atlantic City, NJ.  One part on the beach and the other part at the Borgata Casino and Hotel.  We had such a good time doing this.  I can't describe the feeling of seeing all my hard work become real and "high fashion"  It was great!

Here's a few shots of the Waterfalls.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day!

This morning my boys and I woke up early and prepared a wonderful outdoor father's day breakfast for my husband.  French toast, eggs, bacon, and scrapple.  Sippin on some mimosas.  Talking and listening to music.  It was great.

I'm so blessed to have an amazing father and a husband who's also an amazing father.

I have so many wonderful memories of time spent with my dad when I was small.  Going to Gardener's Basin and fishing early in the morning.  All I wanted to do was play with the little minos.  Lop-sided ponytails. (He did the best he could).  And he always made my favorite, Cream of Wheat with buttered toast.  So good!

And now I get to watch my husband create his own wonderful memories with our children.

So to my dad and my hubby, you are loved and appreciated.

Happy Daddy's Day to all the great dads!